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Sunday, September 05, 2004

War of the Cubicles

I told myself, "Don’t write about work." Yet, here I am writing about work on a weekend. What is wrong with me? Anyway, here goes. Work has been crazy. After I returned from my wonderful vacation in New York, it was announced my manager was quitting. My department has 3 people, my manager, my other manager/supervisor, and me. So one person leaving is a big deal. So, it was done and that Friday we had a company lunch and cake. Isn’t that sad? You work for a company for 8 years and all you get is a catered lunch in the conference room plus a Chinese cake that says "Best Wishes" in that hot pink gel writing. Then she was gone leaving my other manager to salvage whatever was left.

A week later began the company re-structuring. This is what it means. I had to move to another cubicle. Yes, the second largest cubicle on the second floor, easy access to the fax machines and printers was no longer mine. My remaining manager got promoted and moved into the corner office of the departed manager. I was told to move into the cubicle next to that office, the second smallest. It’s not only the smallest but also the darkest. Sure I have a window, but the cubicle wall covers most of it. Everyone was trying to convince me it was bigger and I had a "window view" now. More like a "partial" of the parking lot. Bastards.

Even worse is that my "favorite" person, HAGO ("Have A Good One") Guy gets my cubicle. He knew my disdain for the move and would walk by me with comments like, "Wow, Karen you get a window and a filing cabinet!" Yes, A filing cabinet that I constantly crash into whenever I back out of my chair. Then, he would ask when I was moving my stuff. The nerve! I politely responded, "I can’t move until later today probably around 5. I have way too much work right now." I must have said this 3 times to him. You know why? Because he is one of those people, that can only hear himself. He loves the sound of his voice, so anything you say he’s not really processing. He’s merely waiting for the opportunity to hear himself respond. He would interject, "Well, the faster you move, the faster I can move and then the person who’s moving to my cubicle can move as well. It’s all on you Karen."

I moved out as planned and it took me about an hour. It’s been 3 days since I’ve moved to my cubicle. Surprise, surprise – HAGO Guy hasn’t moved yet. The last I saw his inbox tray was the only thing on his new desk. It’s not even the inbox tray he stole from me. What a bastard.

I’m officially in the club, work sucks.


At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Preach sista' preach.


At 2:45 AM, Blogger ballpark frank said...

i'm sorry. gene

At 2:46 AM, Blogger ballpark frank said...

i forgot to say that you made me laugh. i hope this helps with your inbox tray. :) -gene


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